Who are we looking for?

We are constantly looking for highly qualified professionals to fulfill the growing needs of our customer base. We hire for all roles, at all seniority levels, and we train.


  • you already know about business rules or would like to master the approach or
  • you are a highly qualified IT professional or have a solid foundational background and are a quick learner and
  • you are a highly motivated professional and enjoy working on mission-critical systems


Talk to us, and let us figure out how you can help us help our clients.

Top Reasons to Join Concertia

We deliver inovative, leading edge solutions.

You are part of a team. Everyone is willing to help you be successful.

We believe in having fun while we deliver great work.

Our Culture

Concertia’s Halifax location did not come about by chance. After years of traveling and living throughout North America, Concertia’s founders chose Halifax as the place where they wanted to live and do business. The same reasons that led them to choose Halifax have had a profound effect on shaping and defining the Concertia culture. Like the city of Halifax itself, Concertia offers cutting-edge capabilities while retaining the friendliness and personal touch of a small company.

Concertia’s corporate culture is reflective of our people, surroundings, and business philosophy. We believe in open communication, team building, and the free exchange of ideas. We treat each other with the same professional respect with which we treat our clients, and we treat our clients with the same warmth and friendliness with which we treat each other.

Interested in joining the team at Concertia?

About Concertia

In case you jumped directly to this page ….

Concertia Technologies Inc has been developing innovative solutions for customers in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and the Public Sector since 1999. Since its beginnings, Concertia has grown from a small group of dedicated employees, to a profitable and expanding company that works with clients across North America.

Concertia has the entrepreneurial spirit of a small organization, but benefits from the collective experience of our talented individuals.

Our IT professionals come from large, international consulting firms, so we offer big company experience, reliability, and value — with the focus, agility, and energy of a small company. Our diverse team draws from a wide range of experience working with world-leading business and technology consulting firms. We continually refine and evolve our process, by improving our planning capabilities, honing our delivery methods, and extending our staff’s technology and business expertise, to ensure we can always align our technical solutions with our clients’ real business needs.

Relationships built on delivering value.

At Concertia, we understand that relationships are one of an organization’s greatest assets. We believe in developing strong client relationships that foster an understanding of and a commitment to the needs of our partners — and we have the success stories to prove it.